Theme tunes

I recently went to a pub quiz where one of the rounds was on tv shows – mostly 80s and 90s. Now I love pub quizzes but I’m normally not the best contributor, but here I was in my element – I couldn’t believe what obscure information was stuck in the back of my brain. As soon as they had announced what the round was, our table started taking guesses on what there would be, of course Friends was the first choice, here is the classic example of a tv theme tune, not just a tune but an iconic song, where you just can’t help clapping at random moments as if you were in the opening scene. Law and Order was suggested as well as Neighbours of course.

friends theme tune

When it came time, of course Friends was there. What also was instantly recognisable was that quirky riff from Seinfeld. The one that caught me for a minute was this sax number, then out of nowhere I got it – Roseanne!!! Theme tunes are an amazing way to instantly take our minds back to a show, forever linking our minds when we think we have forgotten, they may be annoying or meaningless but they plant an earworm in us that can stay for a lifetime.


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