Past vs present

Past of present, both have merits for television, but which do I prefer?? here is my comparison, see what you think, would you agree?

Past – when I was growing up we didn’t have choice, but looking back that was not necessarily bad, we all watched tv together, which usually meant my Mum would choose, but, now I have fond memories of classics like The Bill and A Country Practice. Each week we would wait for our favourites wondering what has happened, the suspense of a show that builds up over a season somehow draws you in I think in a way that instant access somehow loses, it means the next day everyone is talking about the same show. Breakthrough moments came, mixed race couples, lesbian kisses, this was tv catching up with real life and that was exciting. My mum loved Countdown I think more than we did, it was a chance for us to have fun as a family and create some noise singing aloud without caring and wondering about the real lives of our favourite pop stars.

The West Wing

Present – there’s no arguing modern technology gives us much more choice and power over our viewing habits. You no longer have to plan your evenings around not missing your favourite show, you don’t get caught at the whim of TV producers who decide to change the timeslot of your favourite show (forever the case with The West Wing). If your sick or bored at home, you have instant access to a huge variety of entertainment. There’s also no arguing TV has also diversified and shows the range of society much better. We also no longer have to wait 6months or more for the best shows to arrive in Australia, and have much more influence in what and when we watch.

Maybe I’m nostalgic but I quite liked the past, there’s some good tv shows around, but they get drowned in all the reality shows so you have to go searching.


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