Leonard Nimoy: In Memoriam

On 27th of February, 2015, we lost an important member of the acting community. Leonard Nimoy graced millions of televisions as the beloved Spock, in Star Trek. He played the character on the TV show for 4 years, and reprised the role in a number of films and spin offs that developed from it.

Leonard Nimoy In Memoriam

Star Trek was certainly one of the best TV shows to be ever made. You cannot find a single sci-fi fan who would doubt the success or the brilliance of the show. Nimoy’s portrayal of Spock was also one of the best parts of the show. His calculated and rational nature, and his stoic support of Captain Kirk was what made the TV show such a great study of character. Even though Zachary Quinto took over the role of Spock in the latest reboot, I’m sure everybody instantly thinks of Nimoy when they think Spock.

Nimoy was not just an excellent actor, he was an amazing person. He has graced the world with a range of amazing videos, beautifully supporting tweets and stunning photographs as well. His influence transcends generations and countries, and his death is certainly one of the greatest losses to the TV industry.

Rest in Peace, Mr Nimoy. You truly did live long and prospered.


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