Netflix – The End of TV as we Know It?

Living in today’s digital world, companies like Hulu appear to be taking on the heavyweights, Netflix and Amazon full throttle. What this means to every changing world of television as we know it is that the internet is where all premium content will be held.

In reality we are already there. Shows like Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, the list goes on and on are often produced by these online streaming companies that have no brick and mortar history like the television of yesteryear.


It’s a complex equation that has to be with high speed internet’s evolution, and the complex erosion of the old television paradigm. The day’s of my generation waking up to run down to see Saturday morning cartoons on the 21 inch console wooden television are just a thing of the past mate.  When I was a young lad, we had 3 channels and little content to keep us glued to the screen.

Many experts warn this is a dangerous direction for the children as their time outside is becoming less and less and we as a society are becoming both connected, but socially disconnected.

But alas, as I had some time free on holiday and no traditional networks or a TV for that matter, I found myself binge watching shows on the big competitors you see above.

After two days of not moving with Scandal and it’s gripping plots, I had to get myself off the couch and back into the world. Folks we will never know the internet and television the same way again.

The only constant they say is change, so embrace this new medium, the wonderful storylines, acting, and enjoy it when you can with responsible amount of viewing hours per week.  They say one hour per day is too much for kindergartner’s.  Balance your time with nature and the telly and you’ll be golden.


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