Why people still Love Cable TV?

I had been studying a lot how cable TV is doing worldwide in this Internet and YouTube age. The results were quite surprising.

Even in the availability of public access TV, and the advent of free media such as YouTube, internet streaming, and even at the advent of competitors such as Satellite TV, people still maintain fondness to Cable TV. There are a lot of gimmicks and promotion to get people out of cable, but despite the lucrative deals, the average American family still prefers the service of good old cable TV service. Here are some of the reasons why people still choose to have cable TV subscription.


Easier Set Up and Installation

 Sure, satellite TV providers have free installation when you subscribe. What happens when you want to alter something on it, like a change of room or even a change in residence? You have to call customer care, which will put you on hold for 20 minutes, then provide you with frustrating answers and you end up paying more for relocation and set up. For cable TV, all you need is a to plug-in the cable to the box and you can have your favorite TV show right away. No need to set up channels on the decoder, no need to search for satellite. Just plug the cable back in and you are good to go.

Less Chances of  Wrong Configuration

 When you are using TV to fall asleep, chances are you are one of the many who accidentally pushes their remote because of being sleepy. When you do that on a satellite TV remote control, you may delete channels, route the satellite to another direction, or even switch your TV to radio mode. And when that happens, you again have to call customer care to retrieve your original setting.

Cable TV  will not give you anything but good shows, simple configurations, and an entertainment filled time with the family. The simplicity of cable TV gives it a definite edge over all of its competitors. It is here to stay 🙂




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