Da Vinci and his Demons

Da Vinci's Demons

I was really disappointed when STARZ announced that Da Vinci’s Demons Season 3 was the last season. I have been watching this series for the last two years and it is really nice. This is the first historical fantasy series I am watching. It is really interesting. Da Vinci’s Demons brings forward the life of Leonardo Da Vinci in his younger days. A bit of mystery has been put in with a certain book of life and the mother of Da Vinci.

To Riley plays da Vinci and has really done well. I am so affected by the series that while thinking I move my fingers like Tom Riley in the series. The two seasons saw Da Vinci’ inventions, politics and the role of Pope.

Another very interesting angle is of the Pope. The Pope Sixtus is said to be the twin brother of the real Pope. He has imprisoned his brother and taken the seat. The Pope is engaged in all things except for religion. He even uses his niece as a piece on the chessboard. The season 2 ended with Turks invading Italy and Leonardo making a Cannon to destroy their ships. I am eagerly waiting for what happens next. The third season has already released in USA but it only premieres in December here in Australia. The episodes have been leaked online but I will watch when it releases in Australia.Waiting for the final 10 episodes.


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