MARVELS Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

After the very successful and real superhero in Daredevil, MARVEL has come up with Jessica Jones. I started watching this on Netflix but was not very much impressed with the story. In fact I could not make out the story at all. Then I went back and started the research. I searched for Jessica Jones online and read the story.

Still there was something missing and then went ahead and started reading the comics. Yes folks I was reading comics and it was really nice. Slowly I came to know the story of Jessica Jones and could relate to it personally. The pain of someone close ditching and using you. That is what Jessica went through. I read almost all available comics in flat one week. Then I was back to re watching the series from episode 1. What seemed difficult to understand became very clear. The series does not start from the beginning. It starts from the time after the purple man is supposedly killed and Jessica is starting life as a private investigator. Then the scary past starts revisiting. Purple man is back and is piling up pain for Jessica. After being aware of the story, the portrayal by Rachael Taylor seems very much to the point. However this is where Marvel misses. It should tell the whole story rather than starting from somewhere in between.


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