Latest movies – The 3 which got me hooked

Latest movies - Star Wars The Force Reawakens

The latest movies do not always thrill me, however there were some recently which were really good. They were all from the old school with much more emphasis on story and screenplays. These are my top 3 favourites list from latest movies.

(1) Star Wars : The Force Awakens – I have been a Star Wars fan right from the time first film was released. I was sceptical as the new Star Wars films did not grab me as the old ones did; but this one was like old wine in new bottle.

(2) The Revenant – I really love this film just because of the expressions. There is so much in the story and the scene in which Leonardo Dicaprio is mauled by a grizzly bear is so real. For once I am rooting for Leo to win this time during Oscars.

3) Mr. Holmes – This film has a unique plot of an ageing Sherlock Holmes, struggling with dementia, Holmes still solves cases though! An amazing film which most might have missed. I watched it just for Ian McKellen my favourite actor. If you do not know who this actor is just think of Gandalf! There were other films like Jurassic World, The Martian and Ant Man which were also not to bad but for me these three were the best.


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