The Walking Dead Season 7 Official Trailer is out


The Walking Dead series that we popularly know is back on our television again. This series is brought to you by these entertaining channels around the globe such as Fox, AMC, Channel 5, FX channel and TV2 is a favourite amongst viewers. From the start of the series on October 31, 2010, until now we have found the series entertaining. The series is an American horror genre which is entertaining with a lot of suspense thus making it intriguing and fun to watch. From The Walking Dead Season 7 Official trailer, we get to know what to expect in the coming new season. In The Walking Dead season 7 official trailer, we see a scene in which some characters are currently at the mercy of Negan, which also shows flashbacks of happier times. It then launches into new footage of the two newest communities: “King Ezekiel” and his kingdom and Negan’s compound. In the trailer, we also get a surprise appearance of Tiger, Ezekiel’s pet, and also of Shiva and a scene of Heath and Tara as they appear to fight. The trailer is not as in depth as most lovers of the series expected but at least we have some idea of what to expect. This is just everything we know about The Walking Dead Season 7. Let’s just wait until October when it premiers on our favourite channels.