MARVELS Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

After the very successful and real superhero in Daredevil, MARVEL has come up with Jessica Jones. I started watching this on Netflix but was not very much impressed with the story. In fact I could not make out the story at all. Then I went back and started the research. I searched for Jessica Jones online and read the story.

Still there was something missing and then went ahead and started reading the comics. Yes folks I was reading comics and it was really nice. Slowly I came to know the story of Jessica Jones and could relate to it personally. The pain of someone close ditching and using you. That is what Jessica went through. I read almost all available comics in flat one week. Then I was back to re watching the series from episode 1. What seemed difficult to understand became very clear. The series does not start from the beginning. It starts from the time after the purple man is supposedly killed and Jessica is starting life as a private investigator. Then the scary past starts revisiting. Purple man is back and is piling up pain for Jessica. After being aware of the story, the portrayal by Rachael Taylor seems very much to the point. However this is where Marvel misses. It should tell the whole story rather than starting from somewhere in between.


Da Vinci and his Demons

Da Vinci's Demons

I was really disappointed when STARZ announced that Da Vinci’s Demons Season 3 was the last season. I have been watching this series for the last two years and it is really nice. This is the first historical fantasy series I am watching. It is really interesting. Da Vinci’s Demons brings forward the life of Leonardo Da Vinci in his younger days. A bit of mystery has been put in with a certain book of life and the mother of Da Vinci.

To Riley plays da Vinci and has really done well. I am so affected by the series that while thinking I move my fingers like Tom Riley in the series. The two seasons saw Da Vinci’ inventions, politics and the role of Pope.

Another very interesting angle is of the Pope. The Pope Sixtus is said to be the twin brother of the real Pope. He has imprisoned his brother and taken the seat. The Pope is engaged in all things except for religion. He even uses his niece as a piece on the chessboard. The season 2 ended with Turks invading Italy and Leonardo making a Cannon to destroy their ships. I am eagerly waiting for what happens next. The third season has already released in USA but it only premieres in December here in Australia. The episodes have been leaked online but I will watch when it releases in Australia.Waiting for the final 10 episodes.


The other day, I was on YouTube and stumbled upon one episode of How I met your mother; this was one of my favorite tv shows and thought of talking about it in this post of mine.

Created by Craig Thomas and carter Bays, How I met your mother is the most popular TV show in America belonging to sitcom genre rocking the TRP charts since years. Produced and Broadcasted by 20th Century Fox Television it premiered on 19 September 2005 on CBS channel. As narrated by Bob Saget, the main character of the story Ted Mosby which is the centre role of framing tale, recounts his son and daughter in the year 2030 leading to his meeting with the children’s mother justifying the title of the daily soap and allowing narration for the flashback. Apart from Ted, this show also revolves around his friends Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan), Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel), Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders), and Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris).


After gaining huge appreciation and public response throughout its running period, it has consistently topped the ratings chart. In the record of its awards, it has won five Emmy awards, including one nomination for “Outstanding Comedy Series” in 2009. CBS announced that the series had been renewed for an additional two seasons in 2009, making the current count as eight. Also its seventh series will be premiered on 19 September as the scheduled date which will include back to back episodes.

There was also one time when the producers had to shut down its production due to 2007–2008 Writers Guilds of America strike but later in 2008, Lifetime Television took over the rights to rerun it. And soon it again became everyone’s favorite adding two new seasons to its list.

Best part is you can watch all your favorite shows online now. All you need is a computer and working internet connection. Short of cash? Why not try 🙂

Why people still Love Cable TV?

I had been studying a lot how cable TV is doing worldwide in this Internet and YouTube age. The results were quite surprising.

Even in the availability of public access TV, and the advent of free media such as YouTube, internet streaming, and even at the advent of competitors such as Satellite TV, people still maintain fondness to Cable TV. There are a lot of gimmicks and promotion to get people out of cable, but despite the lucrative deals, the average American family still prefers the service of good old cable TV service. Here are some of the reasons why people still choose to have cable TV subscription.


Easier Set Up and Installation

 Sure, satellite TV providers have free installation when you subscribe. What happens when you want to alter something on it, like a change of room or even a change in residence? You have to call customer care, which will put you on hold for 20 minutes, then provide you with frustrating answers and you end up paying more for relocation and set up. For cable TV, all you need is a to plug-in the cable to the box and you can have your favorite TV show right away. No need to set up channels on the decoder, no need to search for satellite. Just plug the cable back in and you are good to go.

Less Chances of  Wrong Configuration

 When you are using TV to fall asleep, chances are you are one of the many who accidentally pushes their remote because of being sleepy. When you do that on a satellite TV remote control, you may delete channels, route the satellite to another direction, or even switch your TV to radio mode. And when that happens, you again have to call customer care to retrieve your original setting.

Cable TV  will not give you anything but good shows, simple configurations, and an entertainment filled time with the family. The simplicity of cable TV gives it a definite edge over all of its competitors. It is here to stay 🙂



Netflix – The End of TV as we Know It?

Living in today’s digital world, companies like Hulu appear to be taking on the heavyweights, Netflix and Amazon full throttle. What this means to every changing world of television as we know it is that the internet is where all premium content will be held.

In reality we are already there. Shows like Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, the list goes on and on are often produced by these online streaming companies that have no brick and mortar history like the television of yesteryear.


It’s a complex equation that has to be with high speed internet’s evolution, and the complex erosion of the old television paradigm. The day’s of my generation waking up to run down to see Saturday morning cartoons on the 21 inch console wooden television are just a thing of the past mate.  When I was a young lad, we had 3 channels and little content to keep us glued to the screen.

Many experts warn this is a dangerous direction for the children as their time outside is becoming less and less and we as a society are becoming both connected, but socially disconnected.

But alas, as I had some time free on holiday and no traditional networks or a TV for that matter, I found myself binge watching shows on the big competitors you see above.

After two days of not moving with Scandal and it’s gripping plots, I had to get myself off the couch and back into the world. Folks we will never know the internet and television the same way again.

The only constant they say is change, so embrace this new medium, the wonderful storylines, acting, and enjoy it when you can with responsible amount of viewing hours per week.  They say one hour per day is too much for kindergartner’s.  Balance your time with nature and the telly and you’ll be golden.

Leonard Nimoy: In Memoriam

On 27th of February, 2015, we lost an important member of the acting community. Leonard Nimoy graced millions of televisions as the beloved Spock, in Star Trek. He played the character on the TV show for 4 years, and reprised the role in a number of films and spin offs that developed from it.

Leonard Nimoy In Memoriam

Star Trek was certainly one of the best TV shows to be ever made. You cannot find a single sci-fi fan who would doubt the success or the brilliance of the show. Nimoy’s portrayal of Spock was also one of the best parts of the show. His calculated and rational nature, and his stoic support of Captain Kirk was what made the TV show such a great study of character. Even though Zachary Quinto took over the role of Spock in the latest reboot, I’m sure everybody instantly thinks of Nimoy when they think Spock.

Nimoy was not just an excellent actor, he was an amazing person. He has graced the world with a range of amazing videos, beautifully supporting tweets and stunning photographs as well. His influence transcends generations and countries, and his death is certainly one of the greatest losses to the TV industry.

Rest in Peace, Mr Nimoy. You truly did live long and prospered.

Substance vs Style: The Age Old Debate

The substance vs style argument is quite a fierce one. There are a number of beloved TV shows such as Doctor Who or Star Trek that amassed their legions of fans in a time when special effects were practically unknown. In my opinion, this was the time when TV shows relied on practical effects, solutions and a lot of emotional substance in order to entertain their people (when I saw how the Daleks were defeated in their first ever TV appearance, I was struck by exactly how differently that track would have been handled with the increased CGI budget Doctor Who has seen off late).

Old Who vs New Who

Star Trek has done the same- the past two movies have veered away from complex relationships, characterization and true adventure of discovering aspects of space to a shoddily written drama that relies more on visual entertainment (find one classic Star Trek fan who is not mad about what they have done to Uhura). Needless to say, I’m not impressed.

Style is something that changes with time. Movies are directed in different ways, so are television shows. These stylistic orientations keep coming and going, but the substance will always remain the same. If all shows are given large CGI budgets and are veered entirely towards stylistic improvement, they will all come out looking the same. What will make them stand apart are the characters, their quirks and their motivations.