Black mirror cult

Black Mirror cult classic in the making

Black Mirror is an English mini-series created by Charlie Brooker that became an instant cult series when it first started in 2011. Its third season debuted on Netflix this October, three years after the last season. Each episode is self-contained and has new characters that you won’t see again, so there is no particular order to watch them. Every episode is about an hour long and shows a different dystopian world that yet doesn’t seem so far from our modern reality. Black Mirror is making the audience feel nervous by using themes that are topical and show the darkest aspects of the current world. It touches on addiction to social media and virtual reality, the growing influence of technology on our lives and the fascination for celebrities and political figures. The black mirror cult is justified not only by its innovative format and themes but also because it’s brilliant storytelling. There might not be much action in some episodes, and rarely has any well-known actors, but the characters keep you interested, and their struggles resonate with you, though they often live in a very dark world. The black mirror cult is not about being flashy, but about showing a terrifying and fascinating world to the viewer.