Best Movies Based on Witches

Movies based on witches - Paranormal meets reality

Who doesn’t love movies based on witches? If you are a girl you have not been involved in a sleepover that didn’t try and reenact the ‘Light as a feather, Stiff as a board’ scene from ‘The Craft’. Movies based on witches give the viewer an insight into the paranormal that is just far enough away from their reality to be scary but close enough to make it terrifying! the witch 2016, is the latest in a long line of hauntingly real stories about witchcraft, possession, and black magic. The movie follows the lives of a family of 7 as they move out to the wilderness of New England around 1630. One by one each of the children experience and are touched by witchcraft. Invariably the blame is placed on the teenage daughter, named Thomasin, who denies having anything to do with the situation. The film is receiving worldwide acclaim for its harrowing story and exceptional directing and is sure to go down in history as one of the best witch related movies of all time. Joining legendary movies such as The Craft, The Blair Witch Project, The Crucible, and The Skeleton Key. That is not to dismiss some of the more humorous witch-themed movies of our time such as Hocus Pocus, The Witches of Eastwick and Practical Magic, witch movies that always have been and will always be cult classics.